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Monday, December 27, 2010

I can understand why one does not like me and I can understand why one does not enjoy my accompany, but as a friend, as family you have obligations and these are compassion and understanding. My family (i.e. relatives) is despicable. They have no heart, therefore no compassion. They have no feelings, therefore they cannot understand those of one another. I wish I had a family who cared, I wish I was closer with the good ones. and I wish I had better friends. I wish for so much, yet I have to manage with so little. So instead I'll show compassion to those that do not wish to show to another and I notice their suffering of their believes of never owning enough money and thus their excessive greed for it. I'll try to understand them though they do don't wish to do for one another and I understand their eyes see what they want to see and their ears hear what they want to hear. I understand their jealousy that consists of merely a blow of air. Do not desire that what you do not posses, rather work hard to make it your own. Taking pride in your work is much more respectable than filling your pockets by using people. I give my heart to the people I love and I do not like my heart to shatter into pieces. So if you break my heart, do not think you can glue it by small talk and a nice smile. I take pride in my work and I do not appreciate my sweat being compared to another one's impersonation of condensing. I know I have been lacking in confidence, perseverance and faith, but now...
it is time that I make a stand.


The GUILTY HYENA said...

It's therapeutic to let things out and write about them. I can sympathise when you sometimes feel let down by people, and that you wish for better people around you.

I hope things change for the better for you in this New Year, and you get that confidence and faith back! :)

anjj said...

Yeah, thank god there are 6 billion people on earth, not all can let you down right :)
And thanks :) I hope 2011 will be good for all of us ;)

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