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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have been absent for a while (again) and in the meanwhile, because either I'm lazy or busy, or sometimes even both. But mostly because I don't know what to post about. Being away for so long made me have a lot to post about though.
First of all, I got a lot of great new items! It was my birthday and I got a lot of stuff, I also bought some stuff from the internet. My wallet is in pain right now. But as if that's not enough, I will be going to a Fashion Sample & Sale event with a friend! Can't wait (my wallet can)!!!

From my parents and brother I got 2 DVD's (Inception & Clash of the Titans, I'm a movie junkie!), and long sleeve shirt (to sleep in, I don't like pyjamas, I wear jogging clothes xD), painting stuff (as a joke), an iPod Touch!!, Gucci Guilty perfume and bathing soap, Helena Rubenstein facial wash, red Vans, a H&M blazer and also money (not on pic). I didn't even expected to get anything, so yeah, I'm happy with every single thing I got. I love my parents and bro to dead :D

Me and my friends all have our birthdays in March, so we also bought gifts for each other. They gave me an iPod Touch silicone cover, Sephora grey eyeshadow, Sephora blush, Sephora nail polish correcter, Claire's red and transparent matte nail polish and Disney princesses pen and stickers (it's an inside joke).

I also bought some stuff in stores and from Cherry Culture. I don't have much make up, so I thought buying some, since there were sales on Cherry Culture and in stores here for Sephora. I bought NYX round lipstick (colours: 522 circe, 536 eros, 565 B52 and 635 doll), Amuse ultra fine natural lipliner, Amuse light brown soft eyeliner, Amuse eyeshadow palette and I got a cherry culture bubble gum lipbalm for free! I also bought a smokey eye brush from H&M, Sephora's smoothing primer and a beige nail polish from Pieces.

And of course I always need to buy stuff from ASOS, I can never let go a free shipping opportunity! I got a black and a white (with American heartshaped flag) square shirts and a Victoria Beckham style Blazer. I love the blazer, unfortunately it's a bit too big.

My ASOS Power Shoulder Tailored Boyfriend Blazer

Ugh, weird lightening in this pic, gotta love filters hehe. / Wearing NYX's 635 DOLL.

I finally got my new glasses!! I chose Dior glasses, most glasses are too big for my head -__- this one is a bit too big too... but I still like it. I don't know if I will wear it outside though.

I also bought two pair of shoes a while ago, but I'm too lazy to make pics, so those will be posted later!
Also if anyone would like to see a review on any product I bought, please tell me and I might do a review on it! I'm certainly gonna do a review on the NYX lipsticks ;)

Stay tuned~


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Happee Belated Birthday!! Prezzies galore! Do wear those glasses outside they look great. I have the same problem with sunshades as I have a small head, everything looks large.

I couldn't see some of your photo's, so I'll pop back to have a look again. I do love ASOS too! :)

anjj said...

Thank you!
And yeah, I am kinda used to the glasses now :) having a small head can be an annoyance sometimes eh? Like... with caps, I have a child size D:

And that's weird, I can see them, I'll take a look at it. Hope it'll work.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I can see them now, was probably just my laptop! I'm sure these goodies will keep you accessorising for the time being.

scrumptious said...

My wallet is sympathizing with your wallet, but I like your purchases haha :D
The glasses are cute! Wear them outside!
Yes, do a review on the nyx. Thanks. I'm waiting ;)

anjj said...

@khush; ah I'm glad :) and yes, I can accessorise for a long time with all the items. Really loving the square shirts btw, they're really comfy :D

@abeer; XD haha my wallet needs some food now lol and thanks! I actually do wear them outside occasionally :) And I will try to do the review asap, only have my phone cam now :(

reub-envision said...

~hmm the blazer was a wise choice !

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