Thursday, May 12, 2011

The IOU Project is online. The IOU Project has a great concept, the clothes are "handmade in Europe using fabrics handwoven in India. What I like about the IOU Project is that you can see who are involved in the making of the clothes and the people involved get what they deserve. On top of that you can give them a hand by helping them sell clothes! You could earn a bit yourself with it too.

The designs of the clothes are full of colour and playful. Because of it's unique design and print the products are definitely an asset to your wardrobe. And when you buy an item, you don't only buy an incredible piece of clothing, you're also helping someone less fortunate.

So definitely check out the IOU Project shop ~


The GUILTY HYENA said...

I have to admit, I hoped the items of clothing would have been a tad better. But I fully advocate the concept behind it, and hope this is successful. :)

anjj said...

I think the clothes are cute :) I agree they could have been better, but if you combine them correctly, they'll look marvellous. And I agree, most import is their concept~
And I just want one of their shorts!

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