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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Don't you love to go on a last-minute mini-holiday? I know I do! I had a short one-week holiday last week and treated myself to a trip to Toronto. However, I only brought winter clothing with me, believing that it was still winter in Canada. I was wrong, the weather was lovely. So I was stuck with my warm outfits, but we can use that as an excuse for shopping right?

All from Topshop

Oversized blouse from American Apparel & Denim blouse from TNA

Both from Urban Outfitters
{ a sketchbook is a necessity for every artist and this one is quite delightful }

Necklace from Hot Topic, Rings from Little Burgundy & Socks from Topshop

I want to thank my friends Rachel & Abeer especially for showing me around and keeping me company~ 


Guilty Hyena said...

Last minute holidays are always a treat, as long as I can find good accommodation & flights. But sometimes the less planned the better !

I'm sure Niagara falls was on your list of things to see in Toronto ? Unless you've been before.

Gemini said...

hope your trip was a good one ^^
sorry i wasn't too helpful
I love that dress ^^

anjj said...

@mawy; are you kidding me? D: my trip would not have been even half that fun without you :3

@khush; It was my first time (: and you can't leave Canada without seeing the falls, it's beautiful!

Luckily I did find good a good accommodation and flight, even tho it was last minute (:

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