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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As I mentioned in my Haul post, I went to a Sample & Sale event. Unfortunately it was more like an outlet, but I still managed to score some pretty dresses. I bought a black Diesel dress with pockets (the dress is really black, so I edited the pic a bit so you can see the pockets, that's why the pic is of such bad quality). I also bought a dark blue sequin dress, it was only €20,- and probably the best buy! And last, I bought a 'butterfly' dress. I love it very much, it's just not the perfect fit for me, but definitely my favourite buy :)
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Diesel | Mydress | Full Circle

Also, how do you like my new layout? :D

Something really bad happened too though, I lost my camera at the event and it wasn't at the lost & found (two days later!).... :'( my pinky camera will be very missed.


The GUILTY HYENA said...

I see you've got some outfits sorted for the summer! digging out items on sale is always fun! I'm in need of a few more dresses. It's a shame about your camera, hopefully it wasn't too precious!

scrumptious said...

nice dresses, the butterfly dress is my favourite too :D I like the new layout, it's nice and clean haha
that sucks about your camera!A nice pink camera, and someone return it? I don't think that's possible, unless it was a kind soul =/

anjj said...

@khush; I have way too many summer clothes already, but yes, I actually did scored some nice summer outfits, you can never have one too many :)
and actually, I loved that camera :(

@abeer; Thanks, had a blog spring cleaning lolz XD And you actually made a point XD/:'( lol mixed feelings...

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